Do Your Ideas Welcome Disruption?

Do Your Ideas Welcome Disruption?

Idea Blindspot?

One of the biggest challenges “successful” ideas face within the life of an organization is that they often go unchallenged the longer they stick around. This is expected given that “proven” ideas don’t usually go out of their way to attract attention to their flaws or growing entropy. The reality is that all ideas, even the good ones, need to be challenged or disrupted in order to elevate their effectiveness.

Refusing to Settle for Past Successes

There are a growing number of forward-thinking companies and organizations that are developing both internal and external teams to challenge their most proven ideas for products and services. The process often look like this:

  1. Identify and gather new and/or younger voices within a company or invite a group from the outside.
  2. Task this group to figure out how they would “take down your idea or your even company” by finding holes or blind spots in your approach, product, or service.
  3. Ask them to present their findings along with solutions for improving the current ideas in question.

Simple Yet Necessary

Simple exercises like these can open a world of perspective for the current and future goals of an organization. In this ever-evolving world where relevant effectiveness matters, self-initiated organizational disruption could be the saving grace for the future of your mission.

Don’t settle for what’s worked. Keep living forward.