Always Look for “Number 2”

Always Look for “Number 2”

By Charles Lee, Founder & CEO

Looking Beyond the Face

Most companies have a go-to face for the brand. It’s usually its founder or CEO. They are usually the ones speaking, taking interviews, and providing vision for the organization. They usually have the “goods” for inspiring others and making core decisions that impact the future of their respective brands. They are often strong communicators and carry a presence into most rooms. These are the individuals that most people outside of the organization want to connect to and get to know.

Don’t Forget #2

What I’ve learned over the years is that while the face of the brand is usually super inspiring and talented, good leaders surround themselves with a great “#2”. These are often the softer spoken and behind the scenes individuals who really help to inform and guide a company (as well as its CEO). They care less about being the face or drawing attention and more about making sure the organization fulfills its purpose.

I have yet to meet a great leader that doesn’t have a great #2. These are unsung heroes of an organization.

Find #2 & Learn

I usually do my best to connect with people in this role. I find that they have so much to offer with both insights and opportunities for connection. They probably know many areas of the runnings of an organization that the CEO or founder may have no idea about. They know the ins and outs of what makes their brand work. In addition, these individuals are generally far more accessible and have a spirit of mutual learning that sometimes CEO’s and founders don’t have. I think it’s in part because they are in a role where they have to continue to learn and be on their game to better support the organization.
Next time you’re in a room of “#1’s”, always look for their “#2’s”.